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I thought this was awful
-ly good that is.

Long time of work spent on this and it shows, good job man.

The fucking bit where Vinny was in the fridge got me.

I liked the donkey. Good shrek. Very Fedora.

All worship the Baby Lord.

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I want a date with karen, her majestic face is splattered on the preview screen.
Where is karen?
I wanted my date with karen.
Where have you hid karen?
This is a most unfortunate date with karen.
I miss karen.
When will karen return for her date?
Saturday, I didn't know what was about to happen.

manuelifeno responds:

XD don't miss her that much, click in the middle of the screen to progress the story or space bar. I think next thing I add will be a tutorial :3

Experiencing glitches right from the get-go. Every other graphic is loading as a plain black box, to the point where in some rooms the bg loads but every selectable object is a black box. The map is a black box and I have to guess where everything is by hovering my mouse in random locations. Sometimes I have to press tab in some areas and hope something is interactable. It needs a lot more bug fixes before it can be in a playable state.

whitehoney responds:

Try reloading the game a few times. There are a ton of texture pages which are causing these issues.

There's a fatal flaw in this game. When you hit play, it whitescreens. The intro-sequence is good, but if this game is only an intro sequence then it's probably not going to get very far.

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I always enjoy when I see you update a song on here. You are by far one of the best chiptune artists on this site, or at least my favorite one here. Cool Breeze sounds very nice, upbeat, and gives me that much needed nostalgic feeling when I listen to it.

flaminglog responds:

Thank you!! This means a lot to me

God I really love the jazzy theme going on here.

BenTibbetts responds:

Thank you!

Oh wow this is pretty great. I like the little twinkles in the background and the synthesizer sounds like 26 seconds in.

BenTibbetts responds:


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Me likey. The animations and colors are great.
The uh... vaginal juices being brown though kind of... kind of make me cringe. D:

It reminds me of vagina cheese.
Swiss, specifically.

Seanymac responds:

that is so perfect I don't know how to respond.

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