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Update: December 3rd

Posted by Aluterrian - December 3rd, 2020

Hey guys what's up, it's been a while since I've released an update about how things are going for me so I figured I'd let you guys know about the state of things. I'm working 12 hours a day on a nightshift at a factory, in a 36 / 48 work week (it flops each week) and it pays enough to get me by. Could use more money for actual food to eat but as long as I buy cheap I'll be able to make it paycheck to paycheck.

I have been out of commission for a while because my tablet was out of whack, but luckily I just won a new one from the Newgrounds tablet giveaway, and the generous @TomFulp sent me an XP Pen Deco 01 v2 series tablet, so now I'm back in the saddle.

The list of things I want to get started on and things to be expected from me with this thing are as follows:

Newgrounds: Zero Hour

I got in contact with my old buddy @johnnyguy and we've been getting to work on making assets for a game to be released on Pixel Day in January, I want to do what I can to provide for the community with this new tablet and finding a giant group project like this one seems like the first thing I should gear myself towards. They're looking pretty hard for someone who can code to get the project running, so if you guys have any coding experience or know anyone with coding experience please hit him up. So far the team is primarily pixel artists, so it would be great to get a big mix of people with their unique talents to come together here.


Formerly my story Mechrosphere, it has evolved into an animatic I want to do in the future and release as a potential pilot cartoon. It's a space adventure staring an old washed out space delivery man who gets way too much thrown on his plate, and eventually is thrown into a chaotic mess where the fate of the universe rests on his shoulders. It has robots, corrupt AI, some science fiction tropes mixed in there, and a lot of dry humor. Keep an eye out for it.

Skull Warriors

My baby, the comic I'm working so hard on releasing. Another story about robots, but not as "sci-fi" as Re:Frag. I'm planning on unveiling the first five chapters on Robot Day if I can, so keep your eyes peeled for this one too. If you wondered what life would be like if we kept developing cartridge technology and never made the switch to disks, this might suit you. If you like 80's aesthetics, a new spin on "magical girls" transformations, and robots fighting eachother in a dark toned world setting you might like this too.

Community Projects

I'm keeping my eye out for re:animated projects, zines, and just anything I can help contribute to. I want to give back to the community as thanks for this chance I was given to draw online again, so if at all possible don't be afraid to hit me up with potential group projects, I am so down.

Other than that, the only other news is that twitter locked my old account so I'm no longer "Aluterrian" there anymore, and I have no way of getting it unlocked because the email address associated with that is like... a long dead AOL account. My twitter username is now "_StonyBologna" until the locked account gets taken down in like 5 months and I can reclaim the username.

Be safe out there guys and keep enjoying life.


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Nice! Though I should correct you on something, I'm not trying to rush this project out for Pixel Day, we're taking our time with this as it's a relaxed project. There's no set release date, just whoever wants to come and go to do as little or as much as they want to for the game. But yes a programmer is HIGHLY needed haha. Also this is strictly a pixel artist project because it's a pixel game, but I like having pixel artists of many styles, as this is a pixel artist community mural type of thing to showcase the pixel community on NG.

I'd rather not program, I'm trying to learn Gamemaker but i've talked to many people who have found it confusing because for some reason the creators keep changing things without updating tutorials. It's cool to see all the stuff you're working on! :D You do a great job.

Oh gosh I apologize for the mix up! I thought this was a pixel day thing, my bad!

@JohnnyGuy @Aluterrian no worries haha just there's no way we would be able to pump out that much content by then. it would be a miracle if we could even pump out a second demo by then. But it's not to be expected. Almost by some miracle I find a programmer who doesn't flake on me again after the past three I've had.

Kind of wish someone could help me learn gamemaker studio because the tutorials haven't really been helpful. They keep changing things. It would be cool to bring a demo for Pixel day though.